(1) Because AI is the most important thing happening to the planet (behind climate change), and no one’s talking about it (enough).

We should all call all of them on it. And to do so, we need a reminder:

AI is climate change for pocket books.

For those who haven’t read it, Lee’s book puts AI-accelerated job loss, automation, and the resulting Work/Life, education, and economic…

We were at our Best when we were at our Bluest in Congress; averaging 60% Blue across the House and Senate for 60 years.

Graph and data source (sans annotations): ChrisnHouston / CC BY-SA

Latest polls from FiveThirtyEight (12/12) show Georgians leaning toward both Democratic candidates for the U.S. Senate. Well within the margin of error, Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock are trending as Georgia’s choice, in line with their choice and America’s choice for the White House.

Should these trends hold, then Georgians may be the ones to finally “un-break” Washington for us, to end the reign of terror and dysfunction of the Grim Reaper’s GOP, and if our American history is any guide, they may get the credit for kicking off another century of world-leading American growth and economic dominance.

Reaching across…

Lifelong-learning orgs & us — thriving [best] in the age of AI-driven accelerations

Butterfly wingbeats can and will cause a stir | Photo by Suzanne D. Williams

We know that 20% of effort yields 80% of value — Grazie, Signore Pareto.

And, we know that innovation (adapting best to change, amid the AI-driven accelerations to come) is the price of admission to the future.

Roughly speaking, the ’30s will make the ’00s look like the ’50s (the 1950s).

To thrive (best) in this new era of machine learning and meta-innovation, it will be important for us to have open-ended notions of lifelong learning in the cultural groundwater for all of our firms, (.coms, .orgs, .govs, and .edus) — like fluoridation for healthy teeth.

Yet, continuous improvement and…

Photo by Dmitry Ratushny

The Scholars Nook website would be simple enough, in concept and minimum viable product, especially for a team with contracts, deals and core architecture already in place; e.g., Barnes & Noble.

A dedicated site for peer reviewed and other select trade nonfiction books — from our finest commercial houses and university presses.

Offering a clean well-lighted place for scholars and the books that interest them most, professionally speaking, as well as the fact-based discussions, TED talks, and slide decks that come with them. A longterm goal of which would be improving such books and improving our understanding of them, over…

Food for thought and better citizenship — idea in brief

Photo by Eddy Billard

We are awash in fictions, starved of facts, and thus we vote.

The American Debate (book club) could offer a partial fix:

A poly-platform reading-club for the most important nonfiction texts, from the best minds at work in the world of books — that we as a nation ought to have read, but can never find time for.

How are we to hold ourselves accountable for the progress of the nation, if we never put our heads together — as a nation — on the facts and on what we seek to achieve for one another, in what order, and…

Re: Reading, the Second Amendment for today’s info warfare

Every journey of a thousands miles… | Photo by Mikito Tateisi

Maybe, in our post-information age, where knowledge is power, and fake news divides, we ought to be arming our homes, our neighbors and ourselves, with more and better knowledge and facts, rather than with guns and bullets (and the fashionable fictions of opinion) alone. Maybe guns and bullets and opinions are obsolete and not enough for the threats we now face. Maybe divisive rhetoric and wedge issues are what we ought to be uniting and arming ourselves against.

Perhaps “a well-regulated militia” — by today’s measure — would be a thoroughly well-read one, with the related right and distributed duty…

Community & cucumber-building, stump speech

We had a stump. In our recently heavily invested-in historic-downtown arts district, with expanded sidewalks, patterned stonework, rounded curbs, zero-scaped monsoon-grade storm gullies, with newly commissioned sculptures, and hipster alley murals for blocks in all directions — we had a stump. Cooler than pavement and nature made. But dead now and attracting weeds. We asked the City to pull it. And got a good deal of support. But in the end, they decided against it; roots and pipes. Engineers were firm in the view. Officials had higher-priorities to see to. As one might hope, really. So, we took matters and…

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